Gigi Raffe Brand Ambassador Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Brand Ambassador Agreement – Gigi Raffe LLC.®

  1. As a Brand Ambassador, I understand and agree to the following: 

By sending an email with #gigiraffe and #gigiambassador to or tagging anny Gigi Raffe affiliated social media accounts, I am agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below:

 I am 16 years of age or older.

 I am not an employee, agent, franchisee, or partner of Gigi Raffe. I cannot act on behalf of Gigi Raffe and my posts are entirely my own ideas. I do not have any authority to incur debt, obligation, or liability on behalf of the Gigi Raffe .

I will promote and market Gigi Raffe products to potential and current customers, family, friends, and followers. 

Receive test/wear/model/experience and write about products on social networks (blogs, posts, pictures, videos, etc.) and complete applicable challenges on BrandChampion.

I will share the brand message on social networks to the best of my ability.

Receive new products and model them for promotions we create or to be used as product images.

Share content using our brand hashtags: #gigiraffe #gigiambassador.

I will be an active member of the program or face potential dismissal.

I understand that I may not receive monetary compensation or gift cards for use of images or videos used on the Gigi Raffe ’s social media networks.

If orders are submitted without using my brand ambassador promotion code, these orders will not be credited to my account. No cash compensation will be provided by the Gigi Raffe . Only one promotion code can be applied per order.

I will not post negative comments, photos, etc on social media about Gigi Raffe. Failure to refrain from posting detrimental content to Gigi Raffe will result in my dismissal.

I will not share any brand ambassador promotion codes, discounts, exclusive offers, etc with anyone who is not a registered Gigi Raffe ambassador

I will not sell Gigi Raffe  product on unauthorized websites on the internet (such as eBay, Poshmark, Craigslist, etc) or in retail establishments.

I will protect the Gigi Raffe ’s trademark by not reproducing the Gigi Raffe ’s name/trademark or any Gigi Raffe  materials for use in advertising without the written approval of the Gigi Raffe .

I will promote GiGi Raffe products on social media accounts by posting appropriate photos of marketing events showcasing the products to the best of my ability. I will contact Gigi Raffe if a clear understanding of “appropriate” photos is needed. I will not receive any financial or other compensation for product promotion through my social media network.

Foul language, curse words, or any abysmal speech on posts, whether or not the post showcases a Gigi Raffe product, will not be tolerated. I will abstain from posting using any sort of crude language.  

Bullying, hate speech, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia anti-sematism, threats, or any other form of disrespect towards others will not be tolerated and will cause my immediate dismissal from the program.

I will not share the personal information of other ambassadors without their permission.

Gigi Raffe reserves the right to remove an ambassador at any time for violating the terms of the ambassador program or for distasteful behavior. Therefore, I will conduct myself in a manner that reflects the highest standard of integrity and responsibility in keeping with the reputation of the Gigi Raffe. If I do not uphold these standards, I will be immediately removed from the brand ambassador program and forfeit any unused gift cards and all promotional codes effective immediately.

If I choose to leave the brand ambassador program, Gigi Raffe still has permission to use photos I took while in the program on their website, social media, ads, and any other medium they see fit.

I agree that Gigi Raffe reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time.

I agree that I will not be an ambassador for a competitor’s company.

I agree to the Gigi Raffe’s privacy policy and I have read and agree to these terms.

Gigi Raffe understands and agrees:

  1. To credit ambassadors photographs when posted on social media. If Gigi Raffe fails to credit an ambassador, they ambassador will notify them immediately and credit will be given.

Gigi Raffe will occasionally provide free apparel or accessories to the brand ambassador to promote on social networks.

Gigi Raffe may provide additional reward points, giftcards, product awards, etc to top performing brand ambassadors at its’ discretion.

Gigi Raffe will retain the rights to use any photos they send us or tag us in, even if the brand ambassador exits the program.

Gigi Raffe agrees to not sell the personal information of it’s ambassadors

Gigi Raffe agrees to adhere to the Gigi Raffe ’s privacy policy these terms and conditions.

  1. This agreement is subject to acceptance by Gigi Raffe and is conditioned by the acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  2.  Either party may terminate this agreement immediately for cause or without reason upon written notice.
  3.  Gigi Raffe . may discontinue the brand ambassador Program at any time.