Our Story

Gigi Raffe was created by a couple of kids just out of college, who like many others were searching for a business and lifestyle that gave them a feeling of purpose. To them, there had to be more to life than getting a job and paying bills. So, like many other young adults their age, they wanted to find something that made them happy above all else.

Both are animal lovers and they knew that helping animals would not only do good, it would bring them happiness as well. They were inspired by other young people, who created businesses to give back to animals in need or endangered, and decided to do something similar.

After doing some research online, they found that giraffes are not only endangered, they have very little help. No one seems to know they are disappearing, and they have already gone extinct in seven African countries. This was a complete shock! How could this giant, beloved animal be disappearing right in front of our eyes?

That is where Gigi Raffe found their purpose.

We created Gigi Raffe, to continuously bring awareness to the giraffes' silent extinction, and to give back in order to save and protect them. Gigi Raffe donates 50% of net profits to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, whose sole purpose is to protect and grow the giraffe population in the wild.

Giraffes are an African icon, and we don't want to imagine a world without them. Our clothes were made with a purpose. To bring awareness and to inspire others to make a difference, no matter how big or small.

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