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Gigi Raffe was created by Lissa Crain and Kyle Speer when they were fresh out of college. Like many new college graduates, they began the rigorous job search. While their classmates were wondering about the salaries, Lissa and Kyle were wondering about the purpose. Just paying the bills was not enough for the couple. They were searching for a business and lifestyle that they could be passionate about and give them a feeling of greater purpose. They had a calling to do something that was bigger than themselves. Something that made the world a better place. Lissa and Kyle decided to take a leap of faith and fully immerse themselves into something that would make an impact on the world... they just weren't sure what that thing was yet.

Lissa and Kyle came across an article online that caught their attention. They found out that not only are giraffes endangered, but they were extinct in 7 African countries. There are very few organizations focused on the conservation of giraffes and even fewer brands willing to donate to the gentle giants. Lissa and Kyle are passionate animal lovers; therefore, they knew if they did not know about the critical state of the giraffe population, others probably didn't know as well. Lissa and Kyle had found found their purpose.

Lissa and Kyle decided to create Gigi Raffe in order to not only raise awareness to the alarming rate of giraffe extinction, but to donate to preservation efforts. That is why Gigi Raffe donates the most of any giraffe apparel brand- giving a whopping 50% of net profits to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, whose sole purpose is to protect and grow the wild giraffe population.

Thanks to Lissa and Kyle, giraffe conservation awareness and preservation efforts grow every day. Thank you for helping them fulfill their passion and save the giraffes one shirt at a time.

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