At Gigi Raffe, our mission is to #savethegiraffes! 


We founded Gigi Raffe as two young adults right out of college. Neither one of us had ever started let alone run a business, but we had a dream to make a difference and have fun doing it. We came across an article that talked about the silent extinction of giraffe and how they were already extinct in 7 African countries. Habitat loss and poaching were the top reasons for the 40% decline in giraffe population in the last decade. The realization that these beautiful giants could easily be gone from this earth in the near future gave us the motivation to start Gigi Raffe and try to make a difference as quickly as possible. We committed ourselves to donating a portion of proceeds to the Giraffe Conservation foundation, whose sole purpose is to protect and grow the giraffe population in the wild. When you purchase a shirt from Gigi Raffe, you not only get a well-made and bright colored shirt, but you also help us in our mission and allow us to chase our dreams. 


Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the silent extinction of giraffes and Gigi Raffe as a company. Without you we wouldn’t be able to run this business and do something that we love every day. Giraffes deserve to be here and we look forward to doing as much as we possibly can to make a difference for them.

Give Back. Live Big. Love Always.




Kyle and Lissa